Why Bridges Need Anti-Slip Surfacing

    Slippery surfaces are dangerous, especially in hazardous areas such as footbridges and stair treads. Some bridge surfaces feature slopes and may also be wet, making them unsafe for both cyclists and pedestrians. Most of the modern bridges are … Continue reading

Resin Bonding Paving

The market of resin bound paving is rapidly growing due to an increase in cases of flooding as well as public awareness on the prevention of floods. It’s a mixture of resin and aggregate stones used to pave driveways, footpaths, … Continue reading

Why we use Thorgrip

Thorgrip provides excellent quality anti-skid surfacing with a cost-effective solution suitable to many everyday situations and applications. Application of Thorgrip means that it provides areas of safe access for anyone who uses those treated surfaces. What is Thorgrip? Thorgrip is … Continue reading

Anti Skid Surface: Vital Safety Precaution on Ship Decks

Ship decks by their very nature are hazardous places to be. The combination of rolling walkways, wet surfaces and often crowded areas all meet to produce an area with a high likelihood of injury due to slipping. Whilst risk can … Continue reading

Bridges With The Best Views: UK

Britain’s Bridges with the Best Views For past centuries, Britain has been the leading provider of incredible feats of engineering as these beautiful bridges prove. Individuals who love excellent views can take note since experts have traveled low and high … Continue reading

Best Historic Ships in the UK

Ships have been used for many purposes in history. UK ships have been used as transport vessels, warships, and even hospitals for war prisoners. Many of these ships disappeared and have never been raised. However, others have been able to … Continue reading

£10m Repair Project on Forth Road Bridge Completed

  Major repairs to the Forth Road Bridge connecting Edinburgh and Fife have been completed at a cost of £10 million. The project, carried out by bridge work specialists Spencer Group, followed the discovery of a fracture in one of … Continue reading

Resurfacing A Ship Deck

In every ship, ship decks are usually open to different weather changes and they are usually subject to a lot of pressure and weight, especially from vehicles. This means that wearing out is possible and proper care is needed and … Continue reading

Great Britain’s Latest and Longest Bridges

Although they are built with the idea of functionality in mind, bridges can be iconic and awe aspiring. Britain is home to some of the most iconic and longest bridges in the world. Read on as we explore some of … Continue reading

Why Ship Decks Have a Special Surface

What Is a Deck? It’s a permanent covering over a hull or compartment of a ship. On any ship or boat, the upper or primary deck is typically the horizontal structure forming the hull’s roof, making it strong and acting … Continue reading

Severn bridge toll to be scrapped

This is the last year (2018) that drivers will be required to pay to visit Wales via the Severn Bridge. The UK Government has declared its plans to bring to an end the fees, and it is estimated that the … Continue reading

The History of Britain’s Bridges

The Romans have a reputation for coming up with amazing bridges. They used wood to construct most of the British bridges although none of them are in existence. These bridges extended over some of the most iconic rivers, cliffs and … Continue reading

Plans To Rename the England/Wales Bridge

HRH the Prince of Wales turns 70 this November. It also happens to be the 60th anniversary of his assuming the title of Prince of Wales. HM the Queen and the UK government had planned to rename the Second Severn … Continue reading

Old Ships vs. New Ships

Every time new cruise ships seem to be the centre of attention, touting fantastic onboard additions that aim to impress and excite the customer greatly. But what about their fleetmates that are tried and true, a mixture of vessels known … Continue reading

Boris Johnson proposes a 22-mile bridge across the Channel

Despite Britain planning to leave the European Union in 2019, in a campaign led by the country’s foreign secretary in a 2016 referendum, they still understand the importance of good relations between different countries. The island nation still requires to … Continue reading

World’s First Cast Iron Bridge

The world’s first single span cast-iron bridge was constructed in 1777 and was officially opened in 1781. Made entirely out of cast iron, the bridge was one of a kind until bridges were developed with cast iron such as the … Continue reading

The Importance of Anti Slip Surfacing

Slips and trips can have drastic consequences, particularly when you are operating in a risky environment such as the ramp of a boat or a pedestrian bridge. This is why anti slip surfacing is so important: it helps to keep everyone safe, … Continue reading

Thortech International meets quality and safety standards against the clock

  Thortech’s products and services literally support all these varied individuals going about their daily lives, whether they are aware of it or not. That’s because our waterproofing products and anti-slip surfaces are there to make sure people get around … Continue reading

Container ship that weighs 210,890 tonnes

The world has grown used to super-sized machines and vehicles, but the world’s largest container ship draws attention wherever it goes. The vessel is named OOCL Hong Kong and is owned and operated by OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line). The … Continue reading

Hull celebrates its new listed structures

The city of Hull is full of famous structures – and now nine of them have been recognised by the government, taking the city’s total to 479. Listed status, given to buildings and places that are considered to be among … Continue reading

New Voom App lets Commuters Hail a Helicopter

Sao Paulo, Brazil, has some of the most congested traffic in the world, and there is no solution in sight. There are well over seven million vehicles per day attempting to drive within a limited area. This leaves commuters spending … Continue reading

Types of Bridges

The construction of roads and railway lines over bodies of water would be impossible without the use of bridges. Bridges are defined using various categories: structure, fixed or movable, use, and material used. Bridges by structure • Arch bridges – … Continue reading

Five Longest Bridges in the United Kingdom

What’s the difference between a bridge, a viaduct and a crossing? Whichever term is used there is little doubt which are the five longest bridges in the United Kingdom. In reverse order: 5. Queensferry Crossing The Queensferry Crossing will be … Continue reading

Severn Bridge toll scrapped

The Severn Bridge toll is to be scrapped if Theresa May is re-elected in the 2017 general election. The change would make it free to use the Severn Bridge and benefit drivers who must currently pay the toll. Benefits of … Continue reading

A Brief History of Maritime Shipping

Human beings have no limit to what they can do; or rather, the extent to which they can come up with new ideas and knowledge about nature. Still, it’s safe to say that what we see today are just mere … Continue reading

The Crossings That Never Were – 5 Thwarted Attempts to Bridge the River Tyne

The Original Tyne Tunnel In 1864 predating the Millennium Bridge there was no direct link between Gateshead and Newcastle. With the twin cities expanding fast, there was a call for a more convenient option of crossing, and up stepped the … Continue reading

Linkspans and how they are used

Linkspans are a type of drawbridge. Specifically, they are drawbridges that are used in the shipping industry to bridge the gap between the ship itself and the shore. Linkspans tend to use hydraulics to move and lower the drawbridge. This … Continue reading

How To Look After Your Ship Deck

One of the top priorities on board ship is keeping any passengers safe, and since they tend to spend most of their time on board on deck, it makes sense to ensure your ship’s flooring is well maintained. Without proper … Continue reading

History of Bridges

While it is impossible to say with complete certainty, the first bridges were most likely natural. Fallen trees or avalanches would have created access to new areas and possibilities for the early humans and as they spread and expanded across … Continue reading

Our Bridges & Marine Deck Systems

Top quality bridges and marine deck systems are essential for both commercial and private uses. Our bridges and marine deck systems are durable, sturdy, and highly functional. We provide hard wearing and slip resistant surfaces for all kinds of bridges … Continue reading

Calls grow for unpopular tolls on the Severn bridges to be axed!

There was an old joke that went something along the lines of: “How can you get two whales in a Mini?” The answer, of course, was: “Go west along the M4 and take the Severn crossing!” One other thing should … Continue reading

What are Values of the Two-Year College.

State-of-the-art instruction in this country is fairly quickly becoming a need within the internet business team as an alternative to an extravagance. Inside of the past, the persons who had a secondary faculty exercise even now had the possibility to … Continue reading

5 main types of bridges

There are five types of bridges, and these are, Girder, arch, cable, rigid framed and truss. Each has its unique features and uses. The Girder Bridge This is a bridge in its simplest and most common form. A log across … Continue reading

Ship Deck Safety tips

Staying safe and well on a cruise or other ship is very much the same as doing so when in any other place but with the added hazard of being surrounded by water. But with a little thought and diligence, … Continue reading

Pontoon Bridge Facts

7 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Pontoon Bridges For those who do not know, a pontoon bridge is basically a floating bridge supported by boats or barges whose buoyancy determines the maximum load the deck can hold. It … Continue reading

Is Concrete Bad for the Environment?

Concrete is the most widely used building material available to the construction industry; but is concrete bad for the environment? The simple answer to that question is yes, it is. Having made that statement what follows will justify it by … Continue reading

Why choose anti-slip surfacing?

Anti-slip surfacing is essential in all commercial and domestic settings for its ability to help stop slips, trips and spills. These are all a focus of modern health and safety policies, which are a regulated field for businesses, and a … Continue reading

Helipad Design

A helipad is a helicopter landing pad and designates a safe, identified landing area that is on an appropriate surface and free from obstacles. The design and construction of each helipad will vary, determined by the weight of helicopters that … Continue reading

New Project – Stena Hibernia, Belfast

The Stena Hibernia is a predominantly Freight Ro-Ro cargo Ferry operating between Heysham and Belfast built in 1996. Thortech International were to complete the resurfacing of the weather deck, and complete surface repairs to ramps while the vessel was on … Continue reading

How Do Bridges Work?

Bridges create a span between two points, sometimes with additional supporting points between them. They are commonly used to create a crossing point between two banks of a river or a ravine, but they are also used within and between … Continue reading

Why Anti-Slip Surfacing is Important for Ships?

Slippery floors can be a hindrance working on and one stands the risk of sustaining injuries in the event of accidental falls. Ships are designed to handle many operations and are meant to be used often by human beings. This … Continue reading

Evolution of the Bridge

When ancient man first decided to leave the confines of his home territory, the biggest single obstacle to his travel would have been a large river. Smaller streams could be forded or swam, while a rudimentary boat could transport one … Continue reading

History of the Pontoon Bridge

The Pontoon (or ponton) bridge is also referred to as a floating bridge and has been used for military and other purposes for literally thousands of years. The first mention of a pontoon bridge is found in Homer ca 800BC. … Continue reading

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for good reasons to choose this company? The biggest reason is without a doubt our expertise. We aren’t just up to date on industry standards; we keep pushing boundaries by drawing from the state of the art. … Continue reading

How Pontoon Bridges Work

HOW PONTOON BRIDGES WORK A Pontoon bridge, otherwise known as a floating bridge is a deck supported by floating pontoons. They are designed to meet the requirements of the location and the purpose they are meant to serve. Quite often … Continue reading

The World’s Highest Bridges

The World’s Highest Bridges 10. China: Beipanjiang River Railway Bridge – 275 metres The only railway bridge on the list is a remarkable Chinese structure. It crosses the Beipan Gorge in the Guizhou Province. 9. USA: Royal Gorge Bridge – … Continue reading

The World’s Most Famous Ships

Top 10 Most Famous Ships People have been using ships to travel for centuries and this remains one of the most exciting and romantic ways of getting around. These days, thousands of different destinations around the world can be reached … Continue reading

The World’s 5 Most Dangerous Bridges

When you think of a bridge, you probably think of a nice, sturdy construction that guides its walker across of a road or a river, but not all bridges are so safe and unassuming! In fact, for some bridges across … Continue reading

The Most Expensive Private Yachts Ever Built

If there is one symbol of wealth and extravagance that stands above all others, it is the private yacht. What many of us do not think about, however, is that there is a hierarchy within the private yacht world. Some … Continue reading

The 7 Most Notorious Sea Disasters Ever

Most people think the Titanic was the worst ever sea disaster. Whilst it’s the most notorious, many other terrible catastrophes have happened at sea the world over, during both war and peacetime. MV Wilhelm Gustloff: This German ship was hit … Continue reading

Five of the Best Bridges in the World

29 People have built bridges for thousands of years, so it’s hardly surprising that some of the bridges around the world feature spectacular locations and construction techniques. Five of the world’s most innovative bridges ever built include: Ponte Vecchio, Florence … Continue reading

An Easy Overview of Boat Categories and Vessel Types

For anyone looking to indulge in a little boating fun, here’s a good starting point: know your boats. There are dozens upon dozens types of boats, and while you’re not required to know all types to be allowed on deck, … Continue reading

The Second Severn Crossing: Connecting Nations

The longest river crossing in the UK’s the Second Severn Crossing, a magnificent structure spanning waters that mark the end of the River Severn and the start of the Severn Estuary. It was built to take traffic at the point … Continue reading

The World’s 5 Most Infamous Pirates

In popular culture today, pirates are mostly represented as loveable rogues; a little bit mischievous, but ultimately good when it comes down to it. Characters such as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean have largely given us this impression, … Continue reading

The World’s Highest Rope Bridges

So you’ve abseiled down the tallest buildings, gone paragliding every vacation, and bungee jumped blindfold. What’s next for a thrillseeker? Well, you could try crossing a bridge. That may not sound very thrilling, but we’re not talking nice, stable metal … Continue reading

The 7 Fastest Boats Ever Made

The Spirit of Australia With a top speed of 276.3 knots The Spirit of Australia is the faster boat ever built. In 1978 its builder, Ken Warby, smashed the existing water speed record at Tumult River near Sydney. To be … Continue reading

How Many Types of Bridges Do You Recognise?

Although we know different types of bridges exist, we probably couldn’t name them. Recognising bridge types is helped by knowing a little about bridge construction and its evolution. The first bridges of earth, stone and logs could only cross short … Continue reading

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

There are many man made wonders in the modern world, and America has it’s fair share. When it comes to bridges, however, there is only one that springs immediately to mind. That is, of course, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. … Continue reading

10 Amazing Facts About The Titanic

The Titanic, it may have sunk on the 14th April 1912, however, this majestic ship still enthrals and captivates people’s imaginations. But how much do you know about the Titanic? We go through ten facts you may, or may not … Continue reading

How to Safely Navigate Bridges in Winter

In winter, it is essential for all motorists to be aware of the dangers posed by driving across icy bridges. A bridge will always freeze faster and amass snow drifts more quickly than the roads it is connected to, as … Continue reading

The World’s Highest Helipads

Helipads have been a fixture on top of buildings for decades and were a common feature of skyscrapers from the 1970s onwards. Tall buildings have helipads for evacuations during emergencies although other uses include goods delivery and air taxi services. … Continue reading

The 10 Bridges That Changed The World

It would be fair to say that bridges, however unassuming some may be, are one of the world’s greatest inventions. They allow populations of people to connect with one another, sometimes eliminating hours of extra travel to get to a … Continue reading

The 5 Tallest Bridges in the world

The world is filled with amazing bridges spanning gorges, rivers and roads. In this list of the world’s tallest bridges, we look at 5 amazing structures, measured from the base of the structure to the bridge’s highest point. Those bridges … Continue reading

A Brief History of the Royal Navy

The Royal Navy’s official history begins in the 1600s, after the restoration of King Charles 2nd who had inherited 154 ships that had been acquired by King Henry 8th before him. However, for more than a thousand years before this … Continue reading

The Newport Transporter Bridge

The Newport Transporter Bridge is located at the lowest crossing point of the River Usk in Newport, South East Wales. With a total length of 236 and a tower height of almost 74 m, it is the largest historic transporter … Continue reading

The 7 Most Expensive Bridges Built

Many modern bridges are awe-inspiring, but the amount of money needed to build them can also be jaw-dropping. Here is a list of the 7 most expensive bridges ever built. 7. USA – George Washington Bridge, $1.1 Billion Spanning the … Continue reading

The 5 Most Expensive Cruise Ships Ever Built

The Cruise Ship business is a highly competitive one with the biggest names producing larger ships with a greater passenger capacity and a wider range of on board facilities to attract tourists. With some described as literally being “cities on … Continue reading

The 7 Busiest Ports in the World

Container shipping remains one of the most important ways of transporting goods across the globe. Here are the 7 biggest trading ports in the world that each year handle millions of containers carrying goods to far-flung places. They are ranked … Continue reading

Millau Viaduct – The World’s Tallest Bridge

Millau Viaduct spans the River Tan near the town of Millau in the south of France. This mighty construction is the tallest bridge in the world and measures an impressive 343 metres at the summit of its tallest mast. The … Continue reading

A Brief History of Ship-Building

Recovered in a morgue in Egypt, one of the oldest ships dates back to around 3000BC and is believed to have been constructed 5, 000 years before when it was owned by a Pharaoh. Unlike the modern and sophisticated vessels … Continue reading

The World’s 7 Most Perilous Rope-Bridges

Rope bridges can be intimidating for many people, especially when they’re very high up. Add in a poor maintenance factor, and using them then becomes something only the brave or foolhardy would attempt. 7. Kakum National Park Canopy Walkway, Ghana … Continue reading

5 Of The World’s Longest Bridges

Building bridges have often been a major challenge for engineers. However, through the 20th Century and into the 21st, bridge building has become increasingly impressive in terms of scale. Here are five of the biggest bridges in the world, and … Continue reading

What’s The World’s Grandest Ship Of All Time?

Trying to pick the world’s grandest ship of all time is a hard one to call. Do we mean grand, as in appearance? Or perhaps grand as in size; or maybe a combination of both is the way to go. … Continue reading

Top 5 longest ship Voyages.

Long sea voyages were once a way of discovering new lands. You can probably name a few explorers but how much do you really know about them and their voyages at sea? Who has travelled the furthest out on the … Continue reading

Preparing your bridge for spring

We’ve survived the winter, but as we move through the seasons we need to ensure that our bridges are in tip-top condition. As the seasons start to become warmer our bridges will respond in different ways, bending and flexing, swelling … Continue reading

Top 5 Largest Ships Ever Built

Large ships are an incredible display of modern engineering. When we think of the largest ships ever built the Titanic will often spring to mind. However, there are an array of lesser-known ships which would dwarf the Titanic would it … Continue reading

What Makes an Effective Helipad?

A safe and secure helipad is critical for the controlled ascent and descent of a helicopter. So, it is obvious that a number of features need to be taken into account during its construction. What are some of the most … Continue reading

How Traffideck Keeps Surfaces Slip Free

In order for a surface to be slip-free it needs to provide friction between itself as the object in contact with it. Whether it is the sole of a shoe, the tread of a tyre, or the wheel of a … Continue reading

How to Keep Bridges in Tip Top Condition in Winter

Watch out! Bridges are highly dangerous as they always freeze before roads do. This ice threat is a clear and present danger due to the way a bridge is constructed: the top, under surface and both sides of the bridge … Continue reading

5 Ways to Keep Your Ship Deck Safer

A lot of things can go wrong when you are out at sea and if you are not vigilant things that you have overlooked can easily lead to trouble. One of the main things to do to avoid trouble is … Continue reading

Pontoon Bridges Through History

Pontoon bridges have a long history, which dates back to ancient times when they began being used for military purposes. They were first used in China nearly three thousand years ago. Examples Of Pontoons Being Used In Ancient Times Legendary … Continue reading

How Traffideck can keep bridges and ships safe

  If you have an outdoor area exposed to the weather such as a bridge, marine deck or boat deck, then you know the importance of weatherproofing and providing an anti-slip surface for safety. Traffideck provides both of these services … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Famous Ships of All Time

1. HMS Victory One of the most famous ships in the history of the Royal Navy (as seen above), Victory was the ship of Horatio Nelson when the British triumphed at the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson was ultimately killed on … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Resin Driveway

  Your driveway is an important part of your house. It is often the first thing a visitor notices when he/she comes to your house. It also needs to stand the weight of heavy cars and offer better grip in … Continue reading

The Characteristics of Well Designed Bridges

Building safe and strong bridges is an art that has been perfected by the likes of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Joseph Strauss. Whilst famous bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge may be household names, there are many smaller well-designed … Continue reading

Top 4 Benefits of Getting Garden Decking Installed

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for timber decking in the UK. It has simply become a widespread alternative to hard patios and terraces. The following are the main reasons why many people are going … Continue reading

How Ships Have Changed Over The Years

While the earliest boats date back approximately 10,000 years, they were simple vessels made from tying logs together or hollowing them out. The first real ships are believed to have been created by the Ancient Egyptians, starting around 4000 BC … Continue reading

Top 5 Most Expensive Suspension Bridges in History

Suspension bridges are sophisticated constructions involving a lot of elaborate engineering plans, lengthy preparatory proceedings, both bureaucratic and practical, and precise construction procedures. The results are grandiose: the world’s great suspension bridges are noteworthy landmarks, essential passageways across water and … Continue reading

4 Tips That Will Make Moving House Less of a Nightmare

Moving house is an ordeal, but it can be made less stressful through planning and by focusing on the positives. By following these four tips, moving can be less of a nightmare. Plan Early Start by setting a budget and … Continue reading

Why we Recycle Construction Material and Why You Should Too

    At present, the vast majority of construction waste ends up in landfills, with approximately 8,000lbs worth of landfill waste produced from the construction of each 2,000 square foot building. Waste generated through construction ranges from basic materials like … Continue reading

The Changing World of Playgrounds

The world of playgrounds is long and varied. With time came a different ethos of play for children. Here’s a quick history on how things changed. The first playgrounds, as we know them today, took form between 1900-1920. These playgrounds … Continue reading

Treat Your Home this Summer – Key Tips on How to Paint Your House Exterior

  Exterior redecoration gives quick visual results, and protects your home. When painting your house exterior, preparation is key. Choose quality paint and materials (filler, sander, primer etc.) as they last much longer. Low quality paint will not withstand the … Continue reading

Bridges Used in Film

Bridges have featured in many films and are often used as a dramatic setting, whether it is as a place for lovers to meet, enemies to fight or for the despairing to jump from. Often, a real-life bridge is used, … Continue reading

3 Ways Urban Regeneration Helps Built Up Areas

Urban regeneration can help urban areas in a number of ways, not least through bringing increased economic activity to a place. As regeneration takes place it can draw greater levels of private investment into an area, as well as drawing … Continue reading

How to Get The Best Out of Garden Decking

Wooden decking can provide an attractive, natural appearance to the outdoor areas of a home although there are a few things to consider for construction and maintenance to get the best out of this. Frame Care should be taken to … Continue reading

Newport Transporter Bridge – A History

  The Newport Transporter Bridge traverses River Usk. A Grade I listed structure, the transporter bridge in South Wales is one of eight still in use. Maintained by Newport City Council, the Newport Transporter Bridge has a length of 645 … Continue reading

How to Give Your Bathroom a Boost

  The bathroom in a property needs to be set out in a practical manner for use although most people will want it to look attractive also. The following are few ideas to give the smallest room in the home … Continue reading

The Advantages of Choosing Surfacing Specialists with CSCS Cards

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a building industry initiative that allows individuals to show they have the required experience and training to safely do their job. It covers all facets of construction work, including surface specialists, and the … Continue reading

Which to Choose – Resin Bonding or Resin Bound?

  Despite the similarity of the names, resin bonded and resin bound surfaces have different properties, suiting them to different applications. Although both systems comprise aggregates and resin, the way they are applied differs. Resin bonded surfaces are laid by … Continue reading

When Are Helipads Used?

  While the concrete and H that marks a helipad may not be a common sight, they can be found in a variety of locations. The following are some of the places they are used. Hospitals Larger medical facilities may … Continue reading

Planning a Garage Conversion

  A garage conversion involves a great deal of work, but the benefits include creating more living space and increasing the value of your property. You won’t need to apply for planning permission for your garage conversion unless any conversion … Continue reading

The Origins of The Suspension Bridge

Forms of suspension bridge have been used since prehistory. This type of bridge hangs a weight from pillars or outcroppings rather than being supported by piles, which means that a simple vine tied at both ends over a gap counts. … Continue reading

Why Make The Switch to a Resin Bonded Driveway This Summer

  Resin bonded surfaces, originally developed for motorway construction, are becoming increasingly popular for driveways. The process consists of spreading the surface with a high-strength polyurea resin, then adding a layer of gravel. A wide range of colours are available, … Continue reading

How Do Large Ships Successfully Ride out Hurricanes?

  The decision to ride out a hurricane is never an easy one for the master of a large ship, as he may be responsible for the lives of hundreds of people. Large ships are constructed of heavy steel and … Continue reading

Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

  It’s important to ensure that the garden will be a calming place to enjoy the sunshine, rather than a constant reminder of jobs that need doing. Here’s a simple three-point plan to get things looking right; Add some colour … Continue reading

The Advantages of Using Linkspans

A linkspan is a type of drawbridge, used most often when moving vehicles on and off a water-based vessel and are in operation within most ferry terminals worldwide. They are essentially a ramp from shore to ship, allowing smooth and … Continue reading

What Makes a Safe, Functional Bridge?

It’s easy to takes bridges for granted. After all, we can become accustomed to crossing rivers, valleys and other obstructions without long detours or wet feet. Much of that familiarity arises from the fact that bridges are safe and enduring, … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Garden Decking

Garden decking is very robust, but it does need a little regular care. A mouldy deck not only looks grim, but it can also be a hazard if it makes the surface slippery, and it may be hiding some rotting … Continue reading

Thorgrip and Helipad Surfacing Are a Perfect Match

  Thorgrip provides safe helipad surfaces that include anti-slip coatings, and which are also oil and fire retardant. In addition, these accurate and colourful systems are designed to be extremely visible to all helicopter pilots. Thorgrip’s helipad surfaces are long-lasting, … Continue reading

The Bottle Which Launched a Thousand Ships – Ceremonial Ship Launching

  Seamen and sailors are notoriously superstitious, from Albatross sightings to whistling on deck. There are certain things that sailors will do to ensure they have a safe and profitable journey. These traditions begin as soon as a new ship … Continue reading

Basic Kitchen Remodelling Tips

  The kitchen is a focal point for any home, and renovating it can feel daunting. It is important to think through exactly what you want and need, how you use the space and what that space can accommodate. A … Continue reading

The Benefits of Resin Bonded Surfaces

Resin bonded surfaces use modern improved polymer and epoxy resin technology to provide a hardwearing surface covering. Bonded to concrete or tarmac and highly durable, the new surface also has a pleasing natural appearance similar to small stones. Resin bonded … Continue reading

House Renovation on a Budget

Many homeowners see renovation as an opportunity to stamp their unique style on a property, but it can be a frightening undertaking if the budget gets out of control. Prudent renovators will add an extra 20 percent to the projected … Continue reading

Keeping Your Ship Deck Safe

  It’s not for nothing that people say ‘Worse things happen at sea’. There are many hazards to guard against, and the deck of a ship requires particular care. Aside from the rolling of the sea causing an unstable footing, … Continue reading

Why Use Pontoon Bridges?

  The pontoon bridge is a surprisingly old idea, dating back to at around 1000 BC when it first saw use in ancient China. Simply put, a deck is laid across a series of boats – or ‘pontoons’ – set … Continue reading

DIY Painting Tips

Painting your house can appear to be a challenging task, but a few simple tips can make the job slightly easier to tackle. So, let us look at some of the most important pieces of advice to remember. Before beginning … Continue reading

The Origins of The Helipad

A helipad is a specially designated landing pad for helicopters. They usually follow a standard design of a round circle with a large letter ‘H’ on it. Helicopters are vulnerable to obstacles when landing, so a clearly marked landing space … Continue reading

Traffideck and Bridges are a Perfect Match

Bridge deck surfaces present a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed by any coating technology. Traffideck is a high-quality system designed for its anti-slip and anti-corrosion properties, making it ideal for bridges. It is resistant to typical … Continue reading

Guide to a Good Spring Clean

  The key to making your house feel really clean is to get rid of everything that you don’t use. No more saving those old pans on top of the cupboard or the clothes that are in suitcases under your … Continue reading

When is The Best Time to Get Your Driveway Done?

You’re tired of manoeuvring your car through muddy puddles or icy ruts to reach the street and have decided to have your driveway finished properly. But when is the best time of year to have the work done? Much depends … Continue reading

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Painters and Decorators

When your home is looking tired or if you are preparing for a special event for which you will be the host, a thorough clean and redecoration can make it a place to be proud of again. Although many people … Continue reading

How Thorprint Can Keep Schools Safer

 Slipping and sliding on poorly-surfaced paths and outdoor spaces can cause serious injuries. This is of particular concern to schools and colleges, where large numbers of children and young people may be moving around quite rapidly. Even a surface that’s … Continue reading

The Benefits or Urban Regeneration

As buildings age and decay, populations shift, and industries decline, there is a tendency for some inner-city areas to become run-down and depressed. This can lead to a vicious cycle; those who can afford it choose to move away, and … Continue reading

How to Drive Safely in Windy Conditions

Massive storms have hit many parts of the UK this year, with blustery winds and heavy rain and hail having detrimental effects on road conditions and making driving difficult and unsafe. For those commuting to work and school, however, driving … Continue reading

How to Best Pack for a Move

The best way to pack for a move is to make sure you are not packing anything which you know you really should get rid of. Once you have de-cluttered, you can be sure your valuable time and effort spent … Continue reading

The Benefits to Using Traffideck

TRAFFIDECK™ Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing System is a polyurethane based membrane for use on parking decks, bridge and marine decks. Simplicity It has a whole range of benefits, not least that it is simple to apply, either by hand or … Continue reading

Move House or Extend?

So, you are outgrowing your current home and could really do with the space an extra room or two could provide. Should you simply move to a larger house or stay put and extend? Both options can be relied upon … Continue reading

Tips to Maintaining your Drive this Winter

Worried your drive may find it difficult to live another winter? Here are some top tips to keep your drive in tip-top shape Edge the sides of your drive. This should involve removing the top two to three inches of … Continue reading

Why Should Companies Recycle Their Waste Products?

Recycling has fast become a buzzword for everyone who is anyone that speaks about the environment. But what kind of effect does it have? How does it really help? Recycling most certainly helps out the environment first and foremost. Instead … Continue reading

How to De-ice your Car Effectively

  Waking up to a snow covered, ice-encased car in the morning is a nightmare. The Highway Code states that ‘you MUST be able to see, so clear all snow and ice from all your windows’ So, how do we … Continue reading

The Advantages of Pontoon Bridges

Pontoon bridges can offer advantages over fixed bridges in a number of ways. A pontoon bridge is something that can be put into place quickly, and they are also inexpensive in terms of cost. A modern pontoon bridge can also … Continue reading

What to Consider When Building a Schoolyard

What To Consider When Building A Schoolyard As everyone knows children have a lot of energy. All of that running and chasing can lead to accidents if the ground is not properly prepared. Here you will learn some of the … Continue reading

Your Guide to Anti-Skid Marine Deck Systems

Anti-SkidAnti-skid coatings on ship decks are designed to enhance the frictional qualities of the surface. A combination of a resin adhesive and high friction aggregate result in the aggregate being bonded to a specific surface, such as the deck on … Continue reading

Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Finally fix up Your Driveway

Make your New Year’s resolution to finally fix up your driveway. A smart drive adds value to your home and provides an attractive, practical surface too. Some householders have been putting off upgrading their drives by understandable concerns about the … Continue reading

Post Christmas Clean Up Tips

When Christmas has been and gone, you are faced with a clean up mission once again. However, things can be made much easier if you follow a few simple tips: • Dry cleaning any special Christmas outfits before storing them … Continue reading

How to Safely Drive Through Ice and Snow this Winter

Driving in snow and ice is almost inevitable in Britain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep control when the time comes. Before you begin driving, make sure your vehicle contains plenty of screenwash, a sleeping bag for emergencies, at … Continue reading

How do Linkspans Operate?

Linkspans are a class of drawbridges designed to connect a ship to shore. They can assist the transportation of passengers, vehicles, or cargo. You will find most linkspans at ferry terminals where they attach to large vessels via a series … Continue reading

How to Effectively Clear your Drive of Snow and Ice

Clearing snow and ice from your drive is one of the best ways to prevent slips and falls in winter, and help to avoid injuries such as broken bones or sprains. It is easiest to move the snow while it … Continue reading

The Advantages of Using Anti-slip Surfaces

The use of anti-slip floor surfaces in a home or other building is a smart choice for a number of reasons. A major advantage is that it creates a safer environment. In public buildings, this is important to avoid slips … Continue reading

Where and why are Helipads Used?

We’ve all seen them in the movies or on hospital dramas, but what are helipads and why are they used? Helipads are a small, flat area designed for helicopters to land on and take off from. They can be spotted … Continue reading

How do Pontoon Bridges Work?

Pontoon bridges are a fantastic feat of imaginative engineering. Simply put, they consist of a section of road suspended on floating barges in order to facilitate the crossing of a body of water. They are typically used in situations where … Continue reading

The Psychology of Colour – What Colour Should you Paint That Room?

When we re-decorate, our choice of colour should say something about us. We can’t keep changing it, so it’s important to get it right first time. If you’re looking for peace, plump for pink or lilac. Of course, green is … Continue reading

The Benefits of Traffic Calming

An increasingly popular street measure, traffic calming enhances safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. This system of design and management strategies prioritizes the balance of street users. Traffic calming measures shift the idea of roadways being simply a thoroughfare for … Continue reading

Thorprint Surfacing

Thorprint is a safe, cost-effective and attractive method of surfacing. It is hot-applied and has very fast curing times. The minimal disruption involved in Thorprint application means that it is particularly suitable for situations that require traffic flow to be … Continue reading

Resin Bonded Surface – A Guide to Cleaning and Maintenance

Resin-bonded surfacing is an ideal aggregate for patio, driveways, walkways and any location that experiences a high amount of traffic. This material is extremely durable and through the use of specialised epoxy binders, it will boast a superior longevity to … Continue reading

The Importance of Anti-Slip Surfaces on Bridges

Bridges provide a valuable service to road users, enabling them to cross water and other major obstructions, without the need for a lengthy diversion. However, their very nature means that bridges often feature slopes and other potential hazards, which are … Continue reading

Is a Resin Bonded Driveway Right for you?

Many traditional materials used in domestic driveways and parking areas have pitfalls. Loose gravel can stray or become rutted. Cast concrete can crack. Slabs settle and sink. Tarmac crumbles over time. Consequently, one of the most common and visible home … Continue reading


The traditional helipad is a flat area of concrete where a helicopter can take off or land. It is away from hazards such as trees and cables and marked by a circle and an H, both of which are visible … Continue reading

What Are Linkspans?

 If you’ve ever taken your car abroad you’ve probably driven over a linkspan. Originally, linkspans were bridges that were hinged at the landward side and free moving at the seaward end, allowing the bridge to rise and fall with the … Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between a Resin Bound and a Resin Bonded Surface?

 When it comes to resin surfacing, there are two approaches to creating the bond: aggregates can be resin bonded or resin bounded. In the case of resin bonding, the aggregates are combined with the resin before the surface is applied … Continue reading

More Homeowners Renting out their Driveways

In this time of tight wallets and reduced incomes, many people are on the hunt for inventive new ways to scrape together a few extra pounds. One approach which has become popular recently is by renting driveways. According to recent … Continue reading

What is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming measures are typically put in place by local authorities to improve safety. Their goal is to reduce the speed at which vehicles travel and they tend to be placed on roads where there are high numbers of accidents … Continue reading

What is a Pontoon Bridge

A Pontoon Bridge, also known as a floating bridge, is historically a temporary structure often implemented by the military during wartime, who would often remove the bridge after they had crossed. The main principle is that the bridge floats, creating … Continue reading