Boris Johnson proposes a 22-mile bridge across the Channel

Despite Britain planning to leave the European Union in 2019, in a campaign led by the country’s foreign secretary in a 2016 referendum, they still understand the importance of good relations between different countries. The island nation still requires to work closely with the surrounding mainland nations.

The Idea

To encourage peaceful working conditions between its neighboring nations, Britain’s foreign secretary has an excellent plan that will help. His idea is to build an enormous bridge connecting England to France. This massive bridge would be the largest bridge in the world. It would also be a second link between England and France across the Channel Tunnel.
Boris Johnson presented and discussed this idea with the French officials and Emmanuel Macron, president of France during a UK-French summit. He hoped to garner support, which is what Emmanuel Macron gave when ideas of a second linking channel emerged.
It is important to remember that the 22-mile bridge is still an idea and has not escalated to the level of a formal proposal. Nevertheless, Johnson believes that acquiring the funds needed for building the 22-mile bridge across the Channel should come from private funding. Private funding means that they get to receive money to foot the bills from a private company.

Challenges Faced

However, despite the promising benefits the 22-mile bridge would bring to both UK and its neighbours, several considerable challenges will still face its construction. Some of the obstacles may include its feasibility. The feasibility of the bridge will depend entirely on the precise location of where the bridge will appear.
Another challenge would be the width of the bridge. The main reason for the width being an issue is that the Channel tunnel has varying widths. The Channel is extensive for a rough distance of 150 miles and narrow when in Strait of Dover with an approximate length of 20 miles.
Boris Johnson comments may also cause challenges to arise. There is no doubt that the bridge will be long. Nevertheless, it will not be the longest bridge in the world. According to the World Guinness records, the most extended bridge clocks 23. 79 miles slightly higher than the intended 22-mile bridge. The narrowest section of the Channel would present another challenge.
The Strait of Dover is a vital waterway, it’s also the busiest shipping path across the world. Designing a bridge on this part of the Channel requires a strategy capable of putting into consideration the marine vessels that pass through the Strait of Dover.
However, history plays a significant role in helping people not make the same mistake as before. One cannot forget that Boris Johnson hit some snags when it came to the construction of other modest length bridges while still in authority. As mayor of London, he was part of the team that led campaigns on the creation of the Garden Bridge.
Which brings into focus, will he deliver on his promise concerning the development of the 22-mile bridge across the Channel?
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