When Are Helipads Used?


While the concrete and H that marks a helipad may not be a common sight, they can be found in a variety of locations. The following are some of the places they are used.


Larger medical facilities may have air ambulances as a quick way of transporting seriously ill and injured patients. The ambulances are usually helicopters and a helipad is needed to accommodate them.

Office Blocks

Some larger skyscrapers and office towers may have a helipad installed. This allows executives to use air taxi services.

Oil Rigs/Ships

A helicopter is a common way of transporting people from ship to shore. This means larger ships and oil rigs may have a helideck installed.


Police typically have helicopters available these days and may have a helipad on their department building.


These may have helipads to allow helicopters to access fuel, maintenance crews, and other service facilities.

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