The 10 Bridges That Changed The World


It would be fair to say that bridges, however unassuming some may be, are one of the world’s greatest inventions. They allow populations of people to connect with one another, sometimes eliminating hours of extra travel to get to a certain destination. To celebrate this amazing innovation, here are ten bridges that changed the world.

1. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge in New York was built in 1883 and was the first ever steel-wire suspension bridge. Over time it has become one of the most iconic tourist spots in New York City.

2. Pearl Bridge

Pearl Bridge in Japan holds the title for being the world’s longest suspension bridge. Standing almost 300m above the sea, the illuminated cables resemble a long line of sparkling pearls at night-time.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia is one of the widest steel through-arch bridges in the entire world. It measures 160 feet wide and operates with two rail tracks, a cycle track, a pedestrian walkway and a staggering eight traffic lanes.

4. Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has the privilege of being the single most photographed bridge in the world. Famous for its orange colour and striking visuals against the skyline, the bridge has become the symbol of San Francisco.

5. Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge

The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China is the single longest bridge in the world, stretching a phenomenal 164.8km. The bridge runs adjacent to the Yangtze River and carries the Beijing to Shanghai railway.

6. Millau Viaduct

Standing an impressive 1,125 feet high, the Millau Viaduct in France is the world’s tallest bridge. Ultra sleek in its design, the structure boasts a pylon that is a staggering 803 feet high!

7. George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge in New York has the somewhat undesirable title of the bridge with the most traffic. Connecting New Jersey to Manhattan, it carries roughly 102 million vehicles every year.

8. Hartland Covered Bridge

This slightly more quaint bridge in New Brunswick, Canada holds the record for the longest covered bridge, with a total covered length of 1,283 feet.

9. Baluarte Bridge

The Baluarte Bridge in Mexico is believed to be the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world, hanging at over 400m high.

10. Caravan Bridge 

The Caravan Bridge in Turkey is believed to be the oldest bridge in the world, dating back to 850 BC and supposedly having been walked over by figures such as Saint Paul and Homer.

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