The World’s Most Famous Ships


Top 10 Most Famous Ships

People have been using ships to travel for centuries and this remains one of the most exciting and romantic ways of getting around. These days, thousands of different destinations around the world can be reached by ships and a number of stunning vessels have been created to carry passengers wherever they need to go. Read on to learn about the most famous ships of all time.

The Titanic
This colossal ship is perhaps the most famous vessel of them all. Although it was said that the Titanic was unsinkable, tragedy struck on the ship’s maiden voyage in 1912 when it struck an iceberg and hundreds of people drowned.

Santa Maria
This tiny Spanish ship was described by many people as being extremely ugly and was certainly not comfortable enough to match the luxurious standards of today. However, The Santa Maria become one of the world’s most famous ships in the 15th century when it was sailed by Christopher Columbus.

Battleship U.S.S Arizona
Despite just lasting fifteen minutes during the battle at Pearl Harbor, this ship serves as a stirring memory for the veterans of WWII.

The Bismark
This impressive German battleship was used to strike fear into the hearts of the British Navy during WWII and is a very impressive vessel.

U.S.S Maine
While tiny compared to most 19th century battleships, the Maine came to represent man’s triumph in the face of adversity and was an important symbol during WWI.

The HMS Victory
This magnificent ship is not only a stunning example of eighteenth-century shipbuilding, but it also served an important role in history as it was commandeered by Lord Nelson on numerous occasions.

U.S.S Missouri
Also known as the Mighty Mo, this battleship made history at the end of World War II when it served as the platform where surrender documents were signed in a harbour in Tokyo at the end of the war.

U.S.S Constitution
This impressive vessel was given the nickname Old Ironsides and is still afloat to this day after being in the water for more than two hundred years. Anyone who wants to marvel at the magnificence of the U.S.S Constitution should pay a visit to Boston.

The Merrimack
This mighty ship played an important role in the Civil War that has never been forgotten.

C.S.S Hunley
This was one of the earliest forms of submarines and although sinking to the floor of the ocean almost immediately, the C.S.S Hunley played an important role in maritime history.

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