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Thortech’s products and services literally support all these varied individuals going about their daily lives, whether they are aware of it or not. That’s because our waterproofing products and anti-slip surfaces are there to make sure people get around safely and with the minimum of disruption to their lives.

Our expertise lies in the excellent range of anti-slip resin bound and resin bonded surfaces we have developed, as well as our flexibility. We can supply materials only if required, right through to total project management packages.

When it comes to the challenges of ports, marinas, bridges and pontoons, the expertise of our Bridges and Marine Deck Systems section is second to none. The year-round traffic density associated with these locations requires not only the highest quality of anti-slip surfaces but also durability with minimal maintenance.

Thorgrip surfaces can be laid quickly on a range of structures from steel to timber, and be ready for use again within a short period of time. They are extremely durable and cost-effective.

The requirements of helipads – anti-slip, durable, fire-retardant, highly visible – are equally demanding and we’ve met these challenges at hospitals throughout South Wales and the South West.

Hospitals are not the only places where we know our products and services are making a difference in people’s lives. Working in dry docks and even on ships travelling at sea, Thortech International ensures the safety and reliability of ships’ decks for those who work in some of the most rigorous and challenging conditions in the world. We’re very proud of our ability to meet deadlines in those situations too!

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