Ship Deck Safety tips

Staying safe and well on a cruise or other ship is very much the same as doing so when in any other place but with the added hazard of being surrounded by water. But with a little thought and diligence, it is easy to stay safe and secure.

Remain aware
Most of us go about our everyday lives being aware of the risks posed by accidents caused by tripping, falling, collisions, slipping on wet surfaces as well as the possibility of becoming victims of crime. On board a ship it can be easy to become complacent; by staying alert to the usual hazards we can reduce risks. A wet floor is a slipping hazard whether it is in a restaurant, a home kitchen, office space or on board a ship.

Stay secure
It is a sad fact that crime takes place at sea as well as on land. Just because it is the sea and not a road that is outside a balcony, veranda or living space entrance does not mean it is safe to leave valuables and possessions within easy reach of anyone who may wish to steal them. Remain diligent about security and use locks.

Learn about onboard safety
Life at sea whether for business or pleasure is subject to regulations and laws. Some of those are about safety and learning about the safety precautions on board is essential. As well as learning about muster points in times of emergency it is useful to learn the drills in place for using life jackets and attending to alarms if sound.

Keep children safe
Any risks and potential safety threats to children that exist in everyday land-based life are there on the sea with the added danger of the water itself. Parents and carers should be aware of this and also ensure that they keep as much control and watch over children on board ship as when visiting any other holiday destination or unknown location.

Get to know the ship
Just as when exploring a new destination it helps to know the layout on board ship. As well as making navigating on board quicker and easier it is also safer. The more familiar the location, the less risk of losing time getting lost or being able to access an area in an emergency.

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