How Do Large Ships Successfully Ride out Hurricanes?



The decision to ride out a hurricane is never an easy one for the master of a large ship, as he may be responsible for the lives of hundreds of people.

Large ships are constructed of heavy steel and are designed to withstand most storms. To ride out a storm, they should have cargo on board, to aid stability. It is most important for the ship to have plenty of “sea room”, to be out of danger of being blown onto the shore, or a reef.

Against every human feeling of wanting to go in the opposite direction of a dangerous, swirling storm it’s imperative that ships keep heading into the wind, or it could put itself in danger of “falling-off” broadside to the waves. This could cause the ship to capsize. The master, of course, will always take advice from the Coast Guard and weather stations and use navigational aids to try and stay clear of the worst force of the storm.

In the end, though, it comes down to intelligence, a well-planned emergency system and a cool, courageous head in the face of adversity.

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