Why Choose Us?


Are you looking for good reasons to choose this company? The biggest reason is without a doubt our expertise. We aren’t just up to date on industry standards; we keep pushing boundaries by drawing from the state of the art. Our systems are right up there among the most advanced bridge systems in the world.

We use the best waterproofing materials

In typical scenarios such as bridges and marine decks or traditional parking decks, we apply cutting edge surfacing including Thorgrip and Traffideck Waterproofing. These are odourless polymeric membranes which allow for unrivalled waterproofing results, as well as offering outstanding resistant to shock, tension and weather elements. The resulting surfaces are not only waterproof but also have anti-slipping characteristics.

These materials can be effectively coated over wood, concrete or steel and make up for an extremely resilient surface that will withstand massive traffic easily, even with a single coating. For superior results and depending on the scenario at hand, we may recommend setting multiple layers. Contact us now for a free quote!

Unique benefits of Thorgrip and Traffideck

  • These waterproofing surfaces can be applied very quickly, with minimal disruption of your regular activities on site (the application is done manually as a spray).
  • The resulting waterproof membrane sets in place almost instantly.
  • Coating is odourless and does not require high temperatures to be applied effectively.
  • It’s resistant to mechanical wear and tear as well as to chemical aggression from chloride and fossil fuels.
  • Environmentally friendly, without any volatile compounds and developed partially from recycled materials.

We can help you in many different ways

You can rely on our services both if you need a brand new waterproof surface at any given construction site, as well as in scenarios that involve refurbishing or restoring an existing surface. We are prepared to handle the removal of old surfacing if needed, as well as taking any steps as required to implement the new surfacing material.

Our company has vast experience in the field, both in theoretical and practical aspects. We’re comfortable working under time constraints and we always get the job done without interfering with other workers on site. We have a host of technical solutions available that will match your requirements fluidly and deliver the correct grade of material for the expected level of traffic.


Most importantly: we’re always willing to work with you to find the best solutions to help you meet any guidelines and specifications as needed.

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