How Thorprint Can Keep Schools Safer


 Slipping and sliding on poorly-surfaced paths and outdoor spaces can cause serious injuries. This is of particular concern to schools and colleges, where large numbers of children and young people may be moving around quite rapidly. Even a surface that’s secure and non-slip in dry conditions can become treacherous when wet. To protect pedestrians against slips and falls, the Health and Safety Executive calls for pedestrian walkways to have a grip (or coefficient of friction, to use the technical term) of at least 0.36 or higher. Pathways, car parks and playgrounds for schools need to be safe and skid-proof, wet or dry — and that’s where Thorprint comes in. The Thorprint urban technology range includes Thorprint Imprint Surfacing, a hardwearing anti-skid material that’s available in a range of moulds and colours. Thorprint Imprint Surfacing is a zero-maintenance solution that provides pedestrian safety, whatever the weather.

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