How to Drive Safely in Windy Conditions

window with rain on it

Massive storms have hit many parts of the UK this year, with blustery winds and heavy rain and hail having detrimental effects on road conditions and making driving difficult and unsafe. For those commuting to work and school, however, driving in high winds is unfortunately, completely unavoidable. By taking certain precautions and with this guide to help, you can decrease your chance of running into windy trouble or having an accident.

Be extra vigilant, watch out for fallen trees and branches
In unholy strong winds, finding fallen trees on the road is inevitable. Look out for any signs of them coming up ahead, they can unexpectedly appear as you go around a bend, making it difficult to avoid crashing into them if you aren’t paying attention or are going too fast. Which leads us to our second point.

Keep your speed down
It may be tempting to try and drive as fast as possible to get out of the horrible wind but this is highly dangerous, for not just you and your passengers, but also other motorists as well as many cyclists on the road. The quicker you go, the higher the chance of you being blown off course and losing complete control of your vehicle. Drive slow, and stay in control.

Be prepared for emergencies
Make sure your vehicle is equipped with a working, fully charged mobile phone, as well as windproof clothing and warm accessories such as gloves and hats, in case of an emergency. They can truly be a lifesaver in some circumstances.

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