The Benefits of Traffic Calming

An increasingly popular street measure, traffic calming enhances safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. This system of design and management strategies prioritizes the balance of street users. Traffic calming measures shift the idea of roadways being simply a thoroughfare for motorized vehicles to one of shared usage. By slowing down or diverting motorized traffic, these strategies create streets that can be more safely used by those on foot and bicycles, and that have a preserved neighbourhood livability and character.
Successful traffic calming strategies include slowing devices such as speed bumps, cushions, central islands, lower posted speed limits, rumble strips, roundabouts and chicanes; traffic diversion devices such as through-traffic and heavy vehicle restrictions, and pedestrians/cyclist-aimed upgrades such as widened sidewalks, build-outs and tight corner curbs. If installed and implemented properly, traffic calming measures are self-enforcing and bring the benefit of added safety to all on the affected roadways.

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