The 7 Fastest Boats Ever Made


The Spirit of Australia
With a top speed of 276.3 knots The Spirit of Australia is the faster boat ever built. In 1978 its builder, Ken Warby, smashed the existing water speed record at Tumult River near Sydney. To be capable of reaching such a high speed the boat was fitted with Westinghouse J34 jet engine which produce 3,000 thrust hp.

Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept
This 38 feet long electric boat has a top speed of 87 knots. Its design and construction are the result of a collaboration between Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG. It has two turbo-charged 552 cubic inch Mercury racing engines and liquid cooled permanent Magnet-electric motors which power two stainless steel propellers.

The World is Not Enough
Currently the fastest yacht in the World. Built in the Netherlands by Millenium Super Yachts and designed by Frank Muller, no other yacht is capable of matching its speed of 70 knots. Power comes from a combination of Lycoming gas turbines and two Paxman engines. It can accommodate 10 people in a luxurious interior designed by Evan K Marshall.

Vestas Sailrocket 2
Hitting speeds of 68 knots sailing in sea trials off Walvis Bay, Namibia in November 2012 breaking the record for B-Class boats with between 150-205 sq.ft. of Sail. The boat was piloted by Paul Larson, Project Manager of the team.

Foners (Ex-Fortuna)
Prior to the World is Not Enough, Foners, a Spanish built yacht that belonged to King Juan Carlos of Spain, held the water speed record when, shortly after being launched in 2000, she reached a top speed of 68 knots. Foners is powered by three Rolls Royce gas turbines, two Man diesel engines and triple water jets.

With a top speed of 65 knots, this yacht was built in Britain in 2008. Performance comes from a unique propulsions system, 6 gas turbines and three water jets. Initial sea trials were carried out in secret and adaptations and improvements made on the basis of those prior to actual launch.

The Gentry Eagle
A British yacht built by Tom Gentry with winning the Blue Riband in mind, which he did in 1979 when he smashed Richard Branson’s previous record for crossing the Atlantic. It is powered by two MTU turbo diesel engines and a 4500 hp turbine which enables it to reach speeds of 63 knots.

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