The Bottle Which Launched a Thousand Ships – Ceremonial Ship Launching


Seamen and sailors are notoriously superstitious, from Albatross sightings to whistling on deck. There are certain things that sailors will do to ensure they have a safe and profitable journey.

These traditions begin as soon as a new ship enters the water. The ceremony which is conducted at all ship launches will involve the christening of the ship. The process involves breaking a bottle of champagne over the bow and letting the champagne flow over the hull.

The quality of the champagne is just as crucial to the successful life of the ship as the breaking of the bottle itself. A low-grade bottle of champagne will be appropriate for a small fishing boat, but this would bring bad luck to a large luxury yacht.

When the bottle is smashed against the ship, there is one last pitfall to avoid. It must smash on the first swing, for good fortune.

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