Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer



It’s important to ensure that the garden will be a calming place to enjoy the sunshine, rather than a constant reminder of jobs that need doing. Here’s a simple three-point plan to get things looking right;

Add some colour

A few bedding plants, such as petunias or begonias, can make a huge difference to the appearance of your garden. If you can find tubs and baskets that have a built-in reservoir, watering doesn’t have to be such a chore.

Get on top of perennial weeds

Dandelions, nettles and other deep-rooted weeds will quickly take over if they are allowed to spread and seed. If you tackle them early in the season, either by digging out or with a spot weedkiller, they will be much less of a problem later.

Paving, decking and furniture

Install a nice area where you and your visitors can chill out in the summer sun. If you already have a nice area, clean and check over your paving, decking, chairs and tables.

Now you’re free to relax and enjoy!

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