Best Historic Ships in the UK

Ships have been used for many purposes in history. UK ships have been used as transport vessels, warships, and even hospitals for war prisoners. Many of these ships disappeared and have never been raised. However, others have been able to survive for centuries in decent conditions. Here are the best historic ships that can still be visited in the UK:

SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain was a large passenger steamship. It was actually the world’s longest passenger ship between 1845 and 1854. She was designed for the Great Western Steamship’s transatlantic service and transported people between Bristol and New York. The SS Great Britain was the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic Ocean. This journey was completed in a fortnight.

The ship sunk in 1938 at the Falkland Island and was raised in the 1970s under the orders of Sir Jack Arnold Hayward. She was towed back to Bristol dock, the same place it had been built in the 1800s. SS Great Britain currently serves as a museum ship and is available at the Bristol Harbour.

HMS Victory

HMS Victory is the oldest warship that has ever been commissioned in the world. This ship was launched in 1765 and is mostly associated with Admiral Lord Nelson. He was on board this ship when he went to fight in the Battle of Trafalgar. He also died on this ship. HMS Victory also served as the flagship of Admiral Augustus Keppel, Richard Howe, and Sir John Jervis. In 1824, she was relegated to the role of a harbour ship. Victory was moved to Portsmouth in England in 1922, and presently, she serves as a museum ship. In 2012, she became the flagship of the First Sea Lord and is now the oldest naval ship still in commission.

Mary Rose

Mary Rose is an English Tudor warship that was constructed at the start of the 16th century. The ship was used in several battles against Brittany, France, and Scotland. In her first battle, Mary Rose was used in a joint operation with the Spaniards against the French. In this battle, she served as the flagship of Sir Edward Howard. In 1545, the ship was again used in an attack against the French, and this was when she sunk. The wreck of Mary Rose was discovered in 1971.

It was eventually raised in 1982. The raising of this ship is among the most complicated projects in maritime archaeology. Some items that were found in the wreckage include sailing equipment, weapons, and naval supplies. The ship is now housed at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth.

There are many historical ships in the UK. They include the SS Great Britain, HMS Victory, and Mary Rose. These ships are currently used as museums. You can visit them for a glimpse into the history of maritime life.

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