Treat Your Home this Summer – Key Tips on How to Paint Your House Exterior


Exterior redecoration gives quick visual results, and protects your home. When painting your house exterior, preparation is key.

Choose quality paint and materials (filler, sander, primer etc.) as they last much longer. Low quality paint will not withstand the weathering effect of intensely hot or cold temperatures.

Cleaning and sanding to remove old or blistered paint are vitally important. Remember to use a dust mask and eye protection. Deep cracks and rotten wood must be removed or replaced – if necessary, consult a carpenter or joiner. You may wish to use a power sander and perhaps a blowtorch and power washer. Protect adjacent areas!

Paint from the top downwards, as this helps to prevent streaks from running paint. Mix your paints well using a paint kettle (bucket) for multiple cans. Early autumn is a good time to paint – avoid rainy periods.

If this sounds like a walking nightmare get in touch with us. Our professional painting team. We’ll be happy to help you out.

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