Old Ships vs. New Ships

Every time new cruise ships seem to be the centre of attention, touting fantastic onboard additions that aim to impress and excite the customer greatly. But what about their fleetmates that are tried and true, a mixture of vessels known to have earned their respect as well as the hot new ships from several years back?

Newer ships are usually larger and packed more with diversions for every taste and age. However, they can be crowded and expensive, and as with anything that is new, sometimes there are bugs that have to be worked out.

When it comes to older ships, they might be showing wear and tear, but many cruise lines have invested lots of money to keep their fleets equipped with popular attractions and modern amenities. Here are some of the differences you will find on new and old ships.

Size of the Ship

New – Newer vessels are often larger. As more whistles and bells are added, more space will definitely be needed to contain them. Even though the size of ships varies widely across fleets, several vessels have been launched during the last decade that is capable of carrying a small city’s population.

Old – Old stalwarts are lighter on fanfare and smaller in size. They offer experiences that are more relaxing and intimate. They still have lots of glitz, but passengers do not have to feel like they are missing many marquee activities when they decide to lie comfortably in a lounge reading a good book or just relax for half a day by the swimming pool. Also, old ships are more likely to have spaces that are quite like card rooms and libraries. Smaller ships are ideal for travellers who do not like large crowds or have trouble crossing the long decks of large ships.


New – As the public areas of ships become more glamorous and glitzy, so do their cabins. New ships’ suites have features that are extremely impressive; for instance, multiple living space levels, glassed-in showers and cantilevered. The newer ships have increased the balcony accommodation number, but most of them have decreased in size as well.

Old – If balcony space is of great importance to you, older ships are ideal for you because they are bigger. However, veranda cabins usually make up a smaller stateroom inventory percentage on the older ships.

The overabundance of cabin categories found on newer ships can be confusing. If you want to keep things simple, an older ship is ideal. Soft furnishings and carpeting such as bedding and curtains are upgraded regularly during refurbs. Despite that, you should be aware that older ships might show wear and tear signs: newer vessels don’t.

Activities and Entertainment

New – Fun pursuits overflow on newer ships. They include unbelievable pastimes such as bumper cars, puzzle break rooms, roller skating, character breakfasts and parades.

Old – In older ships, entertainment is more standard, like comedians, magicians and the like. However, some lines have brought their recent offerings to the older vessels.

Top-Deck Amenities

New – For adults travelling with children or active types, newer ships offer more regarding outdoor fun. For instance, surf simulators, zip lines and skydiving, top-deck water parks.

Old – Older ships might offer mild outdoor pursuits such as Ping-Pong, shuffleboard, basketball and mini-golf, but they are much more low-key when compared to newer ships. With pools as their main focus, they offer excellent places for passengers to relax in the sun while drinking. Some lines have added to their older ships some upper-deck offerings that are popular like water slides and rock climbing walls.


New – For newer ships, they have lots of space for dining: all vessels have main dining rooms. Newer ships have added many speciality venues such as seafood, French, Asian and Italian, most with cover charges and some without.

Old – Older, smaller ships usually have more limited alternative options when it comes to dining. However, that can be an advantage for passengers who like avoiding the nickel-and-diming linked to for-fee eateries, or even those who like a number of venues that are small, making it easier for them to choose.

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