Post Christmas Clean Up Tips

Christmas wrapping paper

When Christmas has been and gone, you are faced with a clean up mission once again. However, things can be made much easier if you follow a few simple tips:

• Dry cleaning any special Christmas outfits before storing them away for next year will help immensely.

• Many people tend to rip down their Christmas decorations and just throw them in storage. However, taking them down and giving them a gentle clean before storing them correctly, will ensure that they are sparkling ready for next Christmas.

• We all have leftovers at Christmas. It is a good idea to prepare a meal plan so that you can use up any leftover food that you may have.

• It has to be said that some of us receive unwanted gifts at Christmas. You could take these gifts to charity shops or, if they’re really terrible tat, recycle them. If that’s not even an option, just give them to people you don’t like.

There are obviously so many other things you can do to ensure a cleaner home at Christmas, but these tips will get you on the road to a cleaner, happier home.

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