Why Anti-Slip Surfacing is Important for Ships?


Slippery floors can be a hindrance working on and one stands the risk of sustaining injuries in the event of accidental falls. Ships are designed to handle many operations and are meant to be used often by human beings. This means the flooring used should be ideal for frequent movement and should make it difficult for one to fall when the ship shakes. This problem has been addressed by the anti-slip surfacing, which comes with several benefits as highlighted below.

Safety compliance
Installing anti-slip surfacing is among steps to satisfy the requirements set by different safety regulations, which state that every commercial venue must adhere to structural safety regulations. Anti-slip flooring allows easy movement and does not put users to the risk of falling while walking or either performing any tasks in the ship. This helps to eliminate all accidents that happen due to the presence of a slippery surface.

Saves money
Due to accidents, most managers are forced to spend money to either compensate employees or fix things that could be damaged in the process. The ship could also incur losses if some employees are made to skip work due to injuries arising from slip and fall. Slippery floors are among top threats that could cost a company a lot in repairs and treatment and this is what anti-slip flooring is meant to address. You are assured of a solid foundation that will guarantee a safe working environment.

Easy to maintain
Most anti-slip floors are easy to maintain and do not require special furnishing to keep the floor clean and glaring. Although the floor offers slip resistance, this is not to mean it is rough and difficult to clean or maintain. Anti-slip floors are also light and ideal for use in ships. Simple and routine maintenance is all that is required to keep the floor in perfect condition. The material can also last for as much as five years before a replacement is needed, which is ideal for business.

Increased productivity
Productivity is a function of safety and availability of efficient working systems. If the flooring system ensures no employees are injured or hampered from exercising their duties, productivity and efficiency are enhanced. Having a simple floor surface is the first step to ensuring the business makes the maximum possible profit. It also saves time that employees could take while loading items to the ship because the surface is friendly and safe.

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