How to Safely Drive Through Ice and Snow this Winter


Driving in snow and ice is almost inevitable in Britain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep control when the time comes.

Before you begin driving, make sure your vehicle contains plenty of screenwash, a sleeping bag for emergencies, at least 3mm tread on the tires, and a tank full of petrol just in case you get stuck and need to run the heater.

As you begin driving, avoid using high revs and make sure you strike the right balance on the road. Going too slow reduces your momentum, while too fast means you are not in control. To be extra careful, keep at least two to three car spaces between yourself and the vehicle in front. If you begin to lose control, take your feet off the pedals and begin steering. Only rely on your brakes if the steering isn’t doing the job. When going down hills, make the most of your brakes to keep your speed slow.

There are other ways to stay in control; Use high gears, avoid slush, and use dipped headlights when the snow falls. All of these small habits make all the difference when driving in the snow and ice, reducing the risk of you crashing.

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