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Why Bridges Need Anti-Slip Surfacing

    Slippery surfaces are dangerous, especially in hazardous areas such as footbridges and stair treads. Some bridge surfaces feature slopes and may also be wet, making them unsafe for both cyclists and pedestrians. Most of the modern bridges are … Continue reading

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Resin Bonding Paving

The market of resin bound paving is rapidly growing due to an increase in cases of flooding as well as public awareness on the prevention of floods. It’s a mixture of resin and aggregate stones used to pave driveways, footpaths, … Continue reading

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Why we use Thorgrip

Thorgrip provides excellent quality anti-skid surfacing with a cost-effective solution suitable to many everyday situations and applications. Application of Thorgrip means that it provides areas of safe access for anyone who uses those treated surfaces. What is Thorgrip? Thorgrip is … Continue reading

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Anti Skid Surface: Vital Safety Precaution on Ship Decks

Ship decks by their very nature are hazardous places to be. The combination of rolling walkways, wet surfaces and often crowded areas all meet to produce an area with a high likelihood of injury due to slipping. Whilst risk can … Continue reading

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Bridges With The Best Views: UK

Britain’s Bridges with the Best Views For past centuries, Britain has been the leading provider of incredible feats of engineering as these beautiful bridges prove. Individuals who love excellent views can take note since experts have traveled low and high … Continue reading

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Best Historic Ships in the UK

Ships have been used for many purposes in history. UK ships have been used as transport vessels, warships, and even hospitals for war prisoners. Many of these ships disappeared and have never been raised. However, others have been able to … Continue reading

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£10m Repair Project on Forth Road Bridge Completed

  Major repairs to the Forth Road Bridge connecting Edinburgh and Fife have been completed at a cost of £10 million. The project, carried out by bridge work specialists Spencer Group, followed the discovery of a fracture in one of … Continue reading

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Resurfacing A Ship Deck

In every ship, ship decks are usually open to different weather changes and they are usually subject to a lot of pressure and weight, especially from vehicles. This means that wearing out is possible and proper care is needed and … Continue reading

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Great Britain’s Latest and Longest Bridges

Although they are built with the idea of functionality in mind, bridges can be iconic and awe aspiring. Britain is home to some of the most iconic and longest bridges in the world. Read on as we explore some of … Continue reading

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Why Ship Decks Have a Special Surface

What Is a Deck? It’s a permanent covering over a hull or compartment of a ship. On any ship or boat, the upper or primary deck is typically the horizontal structure forming the hull’s roof, making it strong and acting … Continue reading

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