Linkspans are a type of drawbridge used to transport vehicles on or off a vessel or ferry. As these surfaces are often open to weather elements, used regularly, moved about and are subject to a great deal of weight, anti-slip, reliable surfacing is a must. Thorgrip™  is an expert choice of material that ensures a long life-span. We have completed surfacing works for link spans and ports throughout the UK and Europe boasting a growing clientele.

A pontoon bridge is a deck supported by floating pontoons and is often a temporary means of transporting pedestrians or loads to and from ships. We can refurbish and replace anti-skid surfacing systems for heavy-duty pontoons that require safe and reliable resistance to weight and weather. Our clients vary from the Port of Tyne to the Port of Rotterdam.

Thortech International can provide you with a complete refurbishment, or provide localised repairs to existing surfacing.

Thortech International has vast experience working in environments where quick turnarounds are required. With strategies in place to cope with the unpredictable shipping and docking schedules of long-haul vessels. In addition, we can, therefore, adapt to sudden changes, and ensure disruptions to shipping are avoided.

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