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Thorprime STS

This 1-part high-performance primer is used predominantly for steel surfaces. For great results, we encourage you to use this primer along with Thorgrip!

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Thorprime (epoxy)

This 2-part epoxy primer is made up of a blend of epoxy resin and a curing agent binder giving low viscosity characteristics necessary to wet the substrate, giving good penetration properties. Thorprime is designed for use on a variety of … Continue reading

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Thorgrip™ STS

Thorgrip™ STS is a high performance, heavy-duty polyurethane based surfacing system, designed for linkspans, ramps and pontoons, giving added skid resistance. Skid resistance is inevitably degraded by use, particularly as a result of heavy vehicle movements and high shear forces … Continue reading

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Thorgrip™ is a high performance, high friction, polyurethane-based surfacing system, designed for roads, footpaths, bridges, railway platforms, car parks and commercial premises, giving excellent slip and skid resistance. Thorgrip™ combines tough but flexible polyurethane resins with highly abrasion-resistant aggregate.   Unlike … Continue reading

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Nitrile Coated Site Gloves

Our gloves are made from a breathable fabric and have a safety cuff to protect the wrists from potential hazards. The nitrile coating on the gloves gives enhanced abrasion resistance and extra grip in dry and slightly oily conditions. Our … Continue reading

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Valved Disposable Respirator

Our moulded respirator masks conform to EN149:2001+ A1:2009 Standards. The hand-woven material makes for great comfort and even comes with an adjustable headband with buckles to ensure you get the perfect fit!

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Lightweight Protective Eyewear

Our lightweight glasses are impact resistant, giving your eyes the necessary protection against potential hazards.

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Polycloth Standard Gaffa Tape (48mm x 50M)

A synthetic rubber based cloth tape that can be used on all surfaces! This lightweight tape is the perfect companion on any resin project. Its strong adhesion leaves no residue and can be easily ripped by hand.

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18mm Snap-Off Knife with Fin

This snap-off knife is the perfect tool, giving you a sharp angled blade to give you ease while cutting. Its plastic frame with ridges will help you gain better control and reduce the risk of injury. Please note: we will … Continue reading

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9-in-1 Decorators Scraper Multi-Tool

This 9-in-1 multi-tool will relieve some of the stress when it comes to completing a project. Instead of buying various tools, why not buy this one multi-tool that can complete the same tasks of many individual tools? Its high-quality steel … Continue reading

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