Master m/v Fionia Seaways

Thortech International Company was hired for resurfacing of Bimagrip 270m2 on board a vessel during period 20-22nd May. It was requested to finish surfacing jobs within 45 hours, which we had time free from cargo operations. Thortech International Company had finished this job in 44 hours and replaced 300 m2 of Bimagrip.

During the job process, I was always updated by Contracts Director Mark Kitcher about progress and plans. Surface preparation jobs were done with professional equipment. Once the job was completed all areas were cleaned and old materials placed on pallets for further disposal as per our agreement.

I’m very satisfied with the quality of the job done in very short terms and diffidently will recommend t my Owners hire them again.


Master m/v Fionia Seaways

Arturas Klimovas

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