Hollandia UK26/04/2018

To whom it may concern,

During the past years, we have appointed Thortech International Bridges & Marine for the application of anti-skid deck surfaces on numerous different kinds of projects in our scope of Steel bridges/RoRo-Linkspans.

The company offers high-quality services and we and our client have always been satisfied with their work.


All projects that we have used Thortech International on, pointed out their concern for Quality and attention to detail that the company has.

In our opinion the specific knowledge and workmanship resulted in impressive results on our projects, especially on these referred to  below:

2012-2015: Refurbishment of Berth 3, Berth 2 and Berth 7 at the Port of Dover.

Thortech International were responsible for the removal of existing and application of new deck surfacing on the upper-, lower- and Approach Steel Bridges of each Linkspan, total surface approx 1245m2 per linkspan.


2012-2013: New Upper Bank Street Lifting Bridge at Canary Wharf-London.

Thortech International was responsible for the application of the deck surfacing on the walkways on both sides of the new build steel traffic bridge, total bridge span approx 26 meters.


2015 – 2016: New Christchurch bridge across the River Thames in Reading.

Thortech International were responsible for the application of the deck surfacing on the bridge deck of the new build pedestrian bridge and approach bridges, total bridge span approx 128 meters.


I strongly recommend the services of Thortech International and I am looking forward to appointing them again for future projects in our scope.



Best Regards


Jan Stam

Director/Operations Manager Hollandia UK Ltd

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