Playground Surfacing

When surfacing an area in which children will be using it is important to consider the safety element. Unlike the usual methods, Thorcrumb’s playground rubber surfacing is a safer, less abrasive substitute to tarmac and is as equally hard wearing.

Made using recycled rubber tires that are bound together much like our wet pour surfaces, our playground rubber surfacing also benefits from a cushioned layer to ensure maximum safety. Its ability to cushion and absorb impact can reduce a child’s risk of injury when playing and provides an indentation resistant environment suitable for play.

The Thorcrumb system lends itself brilliantly to a playground environment as it is 100% resistant to fuel, water and oil. The rubber surfacing is highly anti-slip and remains usable even in the harshest weather conditions, eliminating the need for de-icing salts.

The product is incredibly versatile and easy to apply due to its wet pour capabilities. It can be laid onto a variety of different surfaces and installed beneath existing playground equipment enabling a hassle-free application. It is also available in a wide range of colours and designs suitable for your requirements guaranteeing a seamless and attractive result.

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