Resin Surfaces

Originally developed to provide anti-slip surfaces on our nation’s roads and motorways, the idea and process of a resin bonded surface have been modified to fit into residential areas quite seamlessly. The application is simple: the existing surface is prepared and then the resin is applied, over which the aggregate is spread. This type of surfacing will seal the tarmac or concrete it is applied to, to create a highly textured finish.

Resin bonded systems are most suitable for non-slip areas, or where a rustic or heritage look may be desired. Your resin bonded surface can be customised with your choice of colours, textures and designs and will provide the attractive appearance of natural loose stone.

Either natural or pigmented aggregates can be used and Thortech International can provide Thorgrip™, among many other quality products for resin bonded surfacing.

Thortech International is an approved applicator of Thorgrip, Colas Epoxy Systems, Traffideck, Stonegrip Epoxy System, Ronadeck, Optus Systems, BASF, Stirling Loyd Safetrack HW MMA System, and many more.

Visit our gallery to view some examples of Thortech’s resin bonded surfacing projects.

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