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Trelewis Primary School


August 2016


RS Clare’s Bimagrip HD Anti-slip and Waterproofing System Acraprime, Pedestrian Grade Aggregate, Polysulphide Joint Sealant & GRP Stair Nosings.

Trelewis Primary School

Trelewis Primary SchoolThortech International Bridges & Marine were chosen by Merthyr Council to carry out the Bimagrip HD application to a pedestrian footbridge in Trelewis which connects the primary school to its local amenities. The footbridge is the main entry for the school participant’s which is separated by a railway track. Providing a safe option for the children & parents of the primary school had become paramount after concerns the existing bridge deck was worn out and lacked its anti-slip properties.

 Thortech International Bridges & Marine commissioned the work for the summer term for minimal disruption to the school; site operatives began the process of removing the defective substrate by Hilti breakers and petrol scarifiers. The bare steel deck then received vacuum enclosed shot blasting to achieve a SA2.5 standard finish. Which after initial cleaning with a solvent to the new blasted deck, was primed using RS Clare’s single component rust inhibiting solvent based polyurethane priming system, to protect the steelwork from corrosion and to enhance the bond between the Bimagrip HD system and the deck.

Thortech International Installed Bimagrip HD a 3 component system; the combined waterproofing, wearing course and high friction surfacing to the Pedestrian footbridge on site over the railway track.
Using RS Clare’s highly developed resin technology, Bimagrip HD is a selection of high-grade abrasion resistant aggregates held together with specially formulated polyurethane resins, the economical solution is designed to give strength, flexibility, and long life durability that protects bridge decks and requires minimal maintenance.
The system for this project was chosen to be at 2.8kg/m2 resin loading for the task and was dressed with 0.8-1.4mm pedestrian grade aggregate to provide a robust and durable finish.

Trelewis Primary School Trelewis Primary SchoolThe finishing touches to the bridge were completed with the installation of GRP yellow stair tread & nosings for each step of the structure to further enhance the aspect of safety on those cold dark mornings.

The project was a success, with Thortech International Bridges & Marine proud to have contributed to this project providing an accessible safe option for all the primary school attendees crossing with everyone now at ease when crossing safely.

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