St Augustine’s Church


St Augustine's Church

Thortech International completed a church courtyard area at the St Augustine’s Church in Rumney, Cardiff.

Thortech International installed the resin bonded system to the front area of the church that was in need of rejuvenation.


The church building of St Augustine was built in the 12th Century and overlooks the Severn estuary and the City of Cardiff. The church needed 105m2 of surfacing to be completed and was part of a rejuvenation of the church for the Parish of Rumney.


After conducting our initial site survey over the required areas, and due to the uneven combination of slabs and broken concrete, instantly realised that all current surfacing would need to be taken up and removed. When we had received an order from the Church for the work, we were first required to get in touch with an Archeologist to carry out a watching brief of our excavation; this would ensure that should we find any re­mains, they could be correctly reported. To our surprise, we actually hit a couple of very small bones and some Victorian tiles to which the Archeologist was delighted with the findings This process was completed over the course of 3 days as despite working long hours each day, the weather played a terrible part in slowing us down.

After completing all excavation and laying the correct edgings as issued by the Church. We then began to tarmac the surface. After leaving the tarmac to fully cure, a further day was needed to ensure we had all finishing touches ready for our resin bonded surfacing. This was dressed with a “greyish” Guyanese Baux­ite (0.9-1.4mm) aggregate and then swept when cured to remove any loose aggregate.


St Augustine's Church

Perry Turner ( Churchwarden) – “We are very pleased with our new churchyard path, installed with mini­mal fuss and mess despite the inclement weather. Thortech International were most professional and helpful at every stage.”

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