Heath Ridge, Long Ashton, Bristol


Heath Ridge, Long Ashton, Bristol

Thortech International Property Services completed this drive­way area during October 2014.

Thortech International installed the Thorset resin bound system to the new driveway area of the recently refur­bished home.

The project was completed during October 2014.


The property situated at Heath Ridge, Long Ashton in Bristol has recently been refurbished and was in need of a lot of work to obtain the driveway they wanted. The driveway was 85m2 in total and the client chose Thortech International Property Services to complete the works.


After being given the order for the work, we had a long list of different materials that were required. The cli­ent had decided they wanted the Danish colour aggregate for their driveway.

Step one was the preparation works, the driveway was very uneven and was a mixture of earth and old concrete. This needed to be removed and was the first stage in our process, to do this we ordered a grab-wagon to come and collect all waste. Next was to tarmac the area, we ordered the tarmac for delivery and our experienced Property Services Team were on hand to lay the Tarmac in a quick and efficient manner. We also needed to install a block edge to all borders, this was completed in charcoal clay paviers and to­talled 771in/m.

Step two then was to start laying our Thorset Resin Bound System, we ordered UV stable resin due to the colour choice from the client, and this ensured the light stone colour will not change in the sun when mixed with resin. The work took a total of 24 mixes in order to cover the entire area and through hard work and determination, we managed to complete all work within the space of three days.


Heath Ridge, Long Ashton, Bristol

The driveway was laid in 3 days and our client was delighted with the work that had been done and the col­our chosen.

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